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   A small mine shaft jutting out of the face of a cliff, how classic can you get? The troupe of adventurers marched onward, talking of loot and boasting of the victory that they would share once they returned back to civilization with packs full of plunder. Jovial conversation halted when the earth shook and the stone around them began to shatter and collapse. Rushing forward to escape certain death, one of the wizards hastily cast a cantrip of light, revealing just how hopelessly trapped they were. Sounds of movement and the plodding of heavy feet began to stir deeper in the caverns. With only one way to go, the group pressed forward, hoping they could find an exit before they were slain by whatever horrors lurked before them.

   Currently Unnamed Dungeon Crawler (CUDCrawler for short) is a turn-based dungeon crawler with gameplay based around classic hack-and-slash crawlers like Might & Magic 3/4/5 and Wizardy 6/7.

   While certainly taking inspiration from these classic games, I very much want to introduce modern features that most expect from their RPGs (tooltips, mostly non-obfuscated gameplay mechanics) while still keeping the old school style of gameplay and challenge. Expect a long, perilous crawl through a dungeon teeming with things that would be more than happy to separate your characters from their lives.

   I expect the primary game to revolve around consistent pushes deeper and deeper into a dungeon of substantial size. The player will need to manage limited resources and use whatever navigational options are at their disposal (flight magic, teleportation, portals, and so on) to make forays deeper into the dungeon less of an immediate resource drain before once more returning to town laden with loot and the bodies of fallen comrades needed to be returned to life.

   Outside of the primary dungeon, which will be mostly focused around fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay, I intend to also offer two other types of dungeon to explore. Instances will be smaller dungeons (maybe a few floors) that can be explored in a quick session, but which will offer more predictable awards, quests which will be designed more around storytelling and occasional puzzles (along the lines of what you'd see in Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, or similar classics) with rewards being held until they are completed.

   Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions post to further illustrate general gameplay information.

What to Expect Currently:
   - Explore a previously undiscovered cavern, trying to escape to the surface before lurking monsters inevitably wear down the party and slay all of its members. Once you've escaped (or decided to skip the tutorial), you can spend some time in town creating your own party and then set out to explore a greatly expanded version of the tutorial area.
   - Wield weapon and spell to defeat enemies in turn-based combat. Find new gear to improve your chances of survival!
   - High Quality Programmer Art™.


CUDCrawler A3.zip 47 MB
CUDCrawler A2.zip 33 MB
CUDCrawler A1.zip

Install instructions

Extract the folder from the .zip into a directory that has read/write access (like your desktop) and you're good to go! If you're updating from an old version to a new version, do the above and overwrite files as requested, your saves and player settings will be retained.

Development log


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I survived your hell crawl, Ghost! Twice! 

The second time I decided to delve into the steel-walled area, and that was a bit of a doozy. Made it out with only 3 living souls.

It was pretty fun! I enjoyed the groups of enemies, and having to make decisions among them in combat. Managing spellpoints was also a very cool feature.

I hope to see more in the future, though I understand how one-person projects take time. All the same, thanks for some dungeon crawling!

Congratulations! I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it and braved some of the more dangerous areas of the dungeon!

I'm really hoping to get the next version out within the next month or so. Between non-gamedev obligations and general life stuff, it's been tough to find time to plug away at CUDCrawler, but I squirrel away what time I can! I'm hoping to get a second dungeon plugged into the next version as well as add some new things to the first. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for following along!